WATERCOLOR, WATERCOLOR.: 2009 continued.

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Painting and creating art has always been a huge part of my life. From a young child with pads of typing paper to the present ... an older experienced dude with pads of watercolor paper. My entire work life was as a commercial artist at all levels of the pecking order. I was born and partially raised on a farm and a small town. Midwest roots except the winters seem to be colder these days. I'm a family guy with kids and grandkids. Unfortunately I can be quite the procrastinator. Retirement does have it's drawbacks, but I can live with that one. Thanks for stopping by and showing interest in my blog.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flooded Trees

A few quick brush strokes, a little water and 
some color.  It's the right direction, just not quite
what it should be.


Stacey said...

I like it Doug, very much so :D
Its kind of soothing/relaxing... if that makes any sense.

Gary Keimig said...

very nice blog and wonderful watercolors.

Gallery Kuma said...

enjoyed seeing your work

RoseAnn Hayes said...

Beautiful color choices, Doug. You could quit right here and I would want this painting. You have already very successfully suggested the sand and water - it feels like a quiet abandoned beach to me. Beautiful.

Melinda said...

Just arrived here from Loriann's blog and am delighted to see such stellar work.

This watercolor is luscious.

I see, too, that you've visited Arizona...Love the Sedona wc. very much.

Will be back!!

Double "D" said...


Welcome, and thank you for dropping by.
Thanks for the lovely comments as well, I need
all the inspiration I can get.

Doesn't Loriann have a great blog? What wonderful paintings.

Again thank you and best wishes.


Hanna Whiteman said...

Hi Doug! Always appreciate your encouraging comments. This is an emerging style..lets see how it goes, all comes from a n origional linocut print.

This watercolor is so fresh!

siete said...

Double "D", I've just discovered you trhough another frined's blog, and I'm astonished....I love your works , they are so cool, so well done...

Thanks for showing them.
I'll follow you.

Best regards.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love it but this just illustrates something I often feel about my own work if it doesn't meet MY EXPECTATIONS.
I see flaws or failure where others see a beautiful painting.

prashant said...

Always appreciate your encouraging comments. This is an emerging style..lets see how it goes, all comes from a n origional linocut print.
Work From Home

Sally said...

Hi Doug,
It's my first visit to your blog,i hesitated to leave a comment because my blog is with Wordpress. Your blog doesn't allow comments other than Blogger comments, so i cant link;... but i've completely enjoyed myself looking at your watercolours. This one blows me away. i love the simple washes telling the intricate story. so refreshing!Great work Doug.